“The Original” Poster

Client: Vans

This poster was created to promote a Vans art show, which was curated by Ronnice Giscombe and ACC Studios, and took place at Autumn Gallery in Toronto.

I screen-printed a limited run of posters available exclusively at the event.

“The Original” featured a number of talented young artists:

Quincy Williams, Sim Sidhu, Cam Harapiak, Jordan Mill, Bryant Pimlatt, Aaron Jones, Katya Koroscil, Mike McDonnell, Mark martin, Alex Holm, Ilona Fiddy, Zachary Scholtz, Britney Sirianni, Ori raynai, Alex Filice, jason, Harv Glazer, Yasir Noako, Jason Collette, Nyk Stefaniuk, Patricio Miguel Ulloa, Jason Shoemaker, Matt Janissse